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June 2022: The Treaty Community Engagement Team is currently calling Kitselas Members to offer home visits. You can also request a visit by filling out the form on this page.

A home visit is a chance for you to ask questions and learn about the Treaty in the comfort of your home. It should take about 30 minutes.

Request a Home Visit

Contact the Treaty Team to request a home visit. We will ask you for the following:

  • contact info
  • preferred timing (e.g. daytime, evening or weekend)
  • preferred location (e.g. home or at a coffee shop or meeting room)
  • number of people who will be attending

Top 5 Questions about Home Visits

  1. What is a home visit?
    A home visit is a chance for you to learn about the Treaty process. Two members of the Home Visit team will come to your house and share a short presentation and a booklet that you can keep. You can ask questions and we will follow up with answers to your questions. 
  2. Why should I book a home visit?
    This is a convenient way for you and anyone in your family to learn about the Treaty, so you can make an informed vote about it. We will come to you, so you feel comfortable asking questions in person, while learning about the Treaty process at your own pace and your own home.
  3. Can anyone request a home visit?
    Any Kitselas Member can request a home visit in Kitselas. If you are outside of Kitselas, we can set up a meeting on Zoom or answer your questions by email or phone.
  4. Does the visit need to be at my home?
    You can ask us to meet you in another public location that works for you!
  5. Can I invite my family members or friends?
    Yes, please do. Just let us know how many people we can expect for the visit.

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